Amplifire helps hospitals find and fix the Confidently Held Misinformation that leads to patient harm and financial loss.

Chief Nursing Officer Summit

September 18th–19th

Our Healthcare Alliance CEO, Bob Burgin, and Alliance members from Partners Healthcare, Intermountain Health, and University of Colorado Health will jointly present on how Amplifire is helping nurses to eliminate avoidable harm across their health systems.

We are hosting a private reception the evening of Sept. 18th and we would love to meet you!

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The Scale of the Challenge

  • Medical error is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., after heart attack and cancer.
  • Every year, more than 400,000 patients suffer preventable harm that contributes to their death.
  • Confidently held misinformation is implicated in half these cases.

Typical Training is Not Helping – It’s Overwhelming

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40,000 Medical Journals


7,000 Medical Apps

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1,000s of CME Courses

Misinformation exists in all people and all industries. But healthcare is especially susceptible because of massive information overload. Bombarding medical professionals with CME/CEU training that’s not targeted or personalized wastes time and frustrates everyone.

To make matters even worse, human beings are evolutionarily designed to quickly forget information that is boring, redundant, or unemotional.

Amplifire Identifies Misinformation and Fixes It

Amplifire Identifies Misinformation and Fixes It

Amplifire Transforms Misinformation Into Measurable Mastery


Amplifire begins with confidence-based evaluations that stimulate meta-cognition and spotlight risks for the learner and the organization.


Data analytics quickly identify risk by topic, department, or individual. They also identify systemic and social causes of persistently poor outcomes.

the Learning

Amplifire’s algorithm delivers teaching that’s tailored to every individual’s particular knowledge gaps and performance needs.

Refresh at
the Right Time

Refreshers delivered at the right time solve the problem of forgetting. They are based on learning patterns identified during the training itself.

And It Reveals Systemic Causes of Risk

Through day-to-day interactions, people transmit confidently held misinformation to each other. In this example, workers at two locations have made progress getting informational risk down to about 10% on the topic of cleaning their equipment. But on the topic of sanitation, Amplifire reveals that a manager in one location is transmitting faulty information to his workers. It turned out that bacterial infections were widespread at that location.

Anonymized Data:  Compare Your Risk with Peers

Everyone Gets Better

Manage the Knowledge That Leads to Performance

  • Our courses immediately improve mission-critical practices without overloading staff. They are crafted by leading experts, laser focused, and evidence-based.
  • This isn’t training. It’s a way to find misinformation and transform it into the correct knowledge.
  • You can see levels of confidently held misinformation and mastery by location, topic and individual.
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